Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Let Visuals do the Talking for your Brand

With little distinction to make between real and virtual in the digital era, the boost brought about by video marketing for businesses is unavoidably significant. YouTube records an average of one billion hours of videos watched by the world daily.

Videos are the most engaging forms of marketing content. It does double the work done by texts, e-mails and messages. Even though video marketing involves a more complicated process of making, it has proven to have successfully increased conversion rates to a dominant 80%.

The visual appeal provided by videos can cater to enhance brand awareness. They have begun to take over almost every digital platform including all social media. To not resort to video marketing will most likely impact the growth of your business negatively. With the services offered by Digitooze Solutions, you can make sure you are still in the running for better results.

Types of Videos

Explainer Videos

These videos are directly meant to serve customers with a complete idea of your product/service. Explainer videos shall be highly customer-centred and simple to comprehend.

Product Videos

Jotting down the features and specifics of your product so that customers can make a well-informed purchase will help in boosting your company’s credibility. With Digitooze, you can create brief but efficient product description videos.

Live Videos

Social media platforms can funnel in potential buyers by airing these videos that bridge the gap between real and virtual. Live videos can transform you into a reliable brand by being explanatory, fun and authentic at the same time.

Animated Videos

These videos can also do the functions of explainer videos but using animation. They promise a 20% increase in conversion rates and quite rightly, their quirky quality can help you stand out in business.

Video Marketing Services

If you’re stuck confused at where to start with video marketing, associate with Digitooze Solutions to get started. We offer the following services.

YouTube Videos

The past two years have seen YouTube’s business advertising revenue double up. YouTube serves as a great advertising platform as it helps you connect with your target audience using the ‘Find My Audience’ feature and even classify them based on age-groups and geo-locations. Tracking metrics is also easy on the video streaming platform. Our services ensure that your video ads are strategically placed and we handpick the videos that are most likely to run ads. With YouTube advertising, you even stand a chance of going viral.

Video Optimization

Creating videos isn’t enough. To improve the customer viewing experience, each video advertisement has to be fully optimized by reducing video start times and/or re-buffering events. Digitooze Solutions is dedicated to finding the most SEO-friendly title, keywords or tags, and description for your videos. Optimization pushes your video up to page one on YouTube and Google in as less as 30 seconds and serves to drive in higher rankings in SERPs. This in turn ensures maximum audience outreach as well.

Social media Videos

Social media today is what television used to be two decades ago. The number of smartphone users has gone up significantly and this had positively impacted marketing strategies. We offer custom-made video advertisements and content campaigns that can take social media platforms by storm. We select the most appropriate social media channel that suits your business to air video ads. From Facebook video advertisements to Instagram lives; we do it all!

Video Syndication

It is vital to distribute your video advertisements to all possible video streaming sites to ensure that it receives maximum exposure. To increase audience engagement, videos must be pushed into related digital spaces that are sure to boost the number of leads. We offer video syndication services that distribute your ads to premium video streaming sites, podcast sites, blogging portals, social bookmarking sites and the like.

Need Help With Video Marketing?

Book a consultation with our team of experts to chart down the type of video content you are looking to create, ideal budget, theme, and duration. Let us together sculpt an exclusive brand! Feel free to leave us a mail with your requirements and get expert advice on video marketing.