Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Nurture the leads and Hike up your ROI with Email Marketing

If you’re stuck believing e-mail marketing has taken a back seat since the surge of social media platforms, you may be surprised to know that you’re wrong. Statistics still reveal that e-mail marketing can funnel in leads in huge numbers, if done correctly. 70% of millennials still prefer personalized e-mail marketing to repetitive ads on their social media.

Perfectly curated e-mail marketing content will not only increase traffic and brand awareness but can also help you build a connection with your customers. Without slipping into turning pestering and tirelessly repetitive, you can draft your newsletters and latest offers on e-mails to build familiarity and friendship with your customers. The trick is to get your customers to wait for your newsletters in their inboxes. Some benefits of e-mail marketing involve,

  • the privilege of picking a target audience,
  • its cost-effectiveness,
  • personalized content, and
  • easy measurability.

Elegant graphics, compelling subject line and brief content that conveys the correct message is the best method of drafting a great e-mail. Here is how Digitooze Solutions can help you curate your content such that it stands out from the heap of ‘e-mail blasts’.

Email Marketing Benefits

Offers, Deals and Exclusive Coupons

Integrating offers and discounts into your e-mails can transition receivers into potential buyers. E-mails serve the purpose of paying your customers with personal visits since each of them are directed at their inboxes. It is also smart to set time-limits for coupons. We can help you draft irresistible deals, offers and coupons for your business so that your lead strength transitions into revenue.

Call to Action & Double opt-ins

It shall also be ensured that each e-mail ends with a CTA. Nobody is going to read your e-mail and open a new tab to verify your offers. E-mails shall be fashioned such that it takes an interested customer directly to your business page. Incorporating double opt-ins may be a plus because it can guarantee that a customer wants to be part of your business.

A Top-notch E-mail Template

Out of the 250 billion e-mails sent out daily, how can you make sure yours is compelling enough? Blog sharing, newsletters, curated news, etc. via e-mails promise your customers the value they are seeking off you. It is also smart to draft a subscription form that legitimizes a user’s interest in your business. Digitooze uses the most suitable software to bring together high-quality graphics and compact, effective content.

Drip Campaigns & Email Automation

Digitooze Solutions can promise you that e-mail automation is an inbound and organic marketing strategy that works on segmentation. Similarly, drip campaigns operate on behavioural targeting of potential customers and curate content that suits their tastes and history of browsing. Both these methods are vital in improving prospecting and help you invest your capital smartly for the best ROI.

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